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Autumn Colours In Packaging

As summer ends, autumn approaches us with ranges of colours to set the fall mood. Red, brown, yellow and many more brand the leaves as the air chills. What a better way to start the season than to see the different packaging mirroring the autumn colours?

Fendi’s red packet featuring the high-end Baguette bag

We will the start the autumn themes with a Fendi’s high end Baguette bag that was given spotlight of bag of the year.

The floral design matches the classic handbag “Baguette” that is making a comeback in 2019. The vibrant red colour on the packaging is designed with 3D peonies and roses in an embroidery effect. The packaging is styled with a Chinese traditional element of double door gift set marked with the brand’s logo and the gold/silver bag inside.

Designed by Count to Ten Studio

Bag-in-Box Wines by Bodega Neleman

The Bag-in-box wines are a unique design and idea, Bodega Neleman’s design is to resemble a stack of books. The packaging is laid out as three books colours ranging from red, blue and white with titles “The Big Atlas of Organic Wine”, “Why We Take Care of Nature?” and “Wine Book”. This box does come in another set with the cover being yellow along with assort favours of both red wine and white wine versions. Both packaging’s have a black handle and red text of the brand and an image of blue vase and green plant to represent that it is an organic wine. This book styled wine packaging can easily be stacked in a bookshelf and go unnoticed with a spout for pouring wine.

Designed by Bodega Neleman

Atomic Yoyo

Graphic design students from Shillington were set to create this intricate yoyo packaging for their school project, the company who owns this product, their background is in clockmaking and wanted to target a new demographic along with a new product. The boxes range in different colours from yellow red and purple to create an eye-catching design that will interest people quickly. The box comes with a yellow sticker which serves a security feature and as well as the signature look for this packaging and design.

Designed by Peter Howell & Graphic design students from Shillington


Prismologie have created a new body care line with eye catching and eccentric packaging. The line is available in many scents. The packaging of the product is yellow and white along with many other colours for each scent trying to engage the audience and to lift their mood. “For the packaging, a simple box has been developed, with distinctive typography. Each product cleverly utilizes a stirring colour graphic splash device to give a clear representation of how each colour in the range benefits the individual’s mood: Yellow (optimism) for energy, indigo (sleep) for the evening, red (strength), green (balance), white (purify) and pink (comfort).” Source: Packaging of the world.

Designed by Williams Murray Hamm


Fukusaya, the pastry brand from Japan created an intricate yellow box with brown image printing for their traditional egg sponge cake. “In today's world, where more simple reality is sought, we chose yellow and brown, which give a strong image of the product itself. Especially yellow is the color used by the brand from before, but the color is adjusted more modernly.” The packaging was thought out for the importance of Japanese culture, not only did they want the yellow and brown strong colours. The box can be laid out into a cake plate and is in the style of Japanese souvenir culture. The images represent the location of the shop in Tokyo and its origins in Japan. Source: packaging of the world

Designed by Keiko Akatsuka


Monastery have rebranded their packaging for their skincare line to amore timeless and simple look, with the outer box packaging ranging in colours of green, orange, grey and brown and a simple white serif font for the logo and san serif font capitalised, bringing attention to the product’s name. The product itself made from glass and metal to acheive a rounded and pure look matching the product.

Designed by Ania Nowak and Lucie Gris


Patch have created a zero-waste bamboo adhesive band-aid strips. The brown cylinder packaging is made from strip casing, recycled cardboard packaging and lid sealer sticker, which beneficially decomposes in soil helping the environment. The logo is printed in capitalised text with in a plus/aid sign in many colours, from white, black and green which is eye catching to their audience. This design is simple with an environmentally friendly packaging.

Designed by Patch


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