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Best Packaging starring Pantone's 2019 Colour of the Year

2019 is over but we enter a new year and a new decade, we are excited about the new innovations and projects that will unveil in the packaging industry. For now, we look back on one of the best packaging featuring 2019’s pantone colour of the year which was PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

Le Costa Caribe

Costa Caribe rebranded with a tropical calm theme. Futura states the inspiration of the project is “‘the golden hour’, which is one of the most romantic moments on the beach, it has almost a mandatory stop to appreciate the color of the sun that covers all our surroundings” [The Dieline]. The packaging of the overall box is a coral colour packed with beauty products in plastic light pink bottles, the inner layer of the box is a light coral with a soft dusty pink text of the brand’s information and its tissue paper printed with geometric shapes in colours of green, pink and coral. Within the box is a small sealed envelope that matches the colour of the exterior of the box packaging, when opened the light green interior of the envelope holds a golden key for their condos with their brand name engraved in. 

Designed by Futura

Sara Simar

Spanish cosmetics brand Sara Simar went with a simple and clean look on their packaging. With different colours that resemble torn paper. The rectangular packaging is white on the upper half with the logo and product information printed in black font. On the bottom half is the torn paper design in coral (this also comes in various colours) with the purples of the product in white font printed vertically. This design was inspired to give their women audience a theme of elegance and confidence and to shine light on purity and naturalness.

Designed by democràcia estudio


Recess is a CBD and adaptogen infused seltzer mixed into sparking water. The packaging for this product is pastel plastic cans ranging in lilac, coral and yellow, each suiting the flavour of the drink. The packaging of pom hibiscus is a living coral with Recess logo printed in blue italics with the drink’s ingredients in a smaller non italic font. 

Designed by Recess

PYT Beauty Packaging 

PYT Beauty created cosmetics line that excludes B.S (bad stuff), the products are pure and have no harmful chemicals. The products range in different packaging from rectangular shapes to solid square. The packaging for the blush is a living coral with the pyt logo in lowercase printed in grey, with the information of the product in white. The background of the packaging has a small dotted design printed down diagonally. Many of the products range in different designs and colours. 

Designed by Polygraph

La Bottega

Luxury wine brand La Bottega went with a sophisticated design for their wine and oil products. With the central colours of the packaging being coral, the label design on the glass wine bottle has a black shading print of different creatures. The brand’s logo and product information are printed in a metallic pantone gold. The packaging of the oil glass bottle has a plain white label with a smaller coral sketch of grapes with the parts of the brand’s product name in black and the logo in coral. The outer packaging for the oil is a coral cardboard cylinder shape, the background is plain but elegant. The logo La Bottega contrasts the oil bottle, as it is a black print with the same sketch of the grapes whereas the logo and sketch on the oil bottle is coral. 

Designed by Kidstudio


Nomikai, a cocktail and wine company expanded on their range for rose fix, which was one of their first products when they started up. The packaging for the Nomikai California Rosé is an aluminium can with a white and coral gradient. What makes the simple design pop is the navy-blue typography of the logo and brand name.

Designed by Dutch East Design


Brandless, and online retailer dedicated to minimalistic and clean products delivers them for less as little as $3. The packaging for the latest innovation is a personal skincare range that excludes any harsh chemicals harmful to the hair, skin and body. The packaging for one of the face scrubs is a plastic coral tube with a minimal design. The product name and values are in coral with a square white background.

Designed by Brandless

Good & Proper 

Good & Proper decided to create a simplistic design that be visually appealing and applied across all their products packaging. The packaging for the tea is sealed in a brown paper sealable bag, a white and coral label with black font for the logo and illustrations, making this a simplistic yet staple design. Their packaging designs also range in different colours.

Designed by Studio Thomas

Pantone recently revealed their 2020 colour of the year which is PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue and we cannot wait for what the packaging industry will create with this range. 

[Source: The Dieline]

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