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CBD Products Packaging, a Trend Touching All Industries

Humans have been using cannabis, a strain of cannabis sativa and CBD in food, textiles and pharmaceuticals for more than 10,000 years. Organic has been on the verge of the mainstream for a long while and since the late 90's it developed from niche to be in consumers' everyday life served by the biggest retailers. Today, linked to the natural and biological movement, various cannabinoid products (including cannabis and CBD) are storming the avant-garde of contemporary health and wellness cultureConsumer demand has triggered an explosion of product innovations ranging from oils and foodstuffs to pet products, infused drinks and cosmetics, to personal care.

Below you can see some examples of CBD products packaging across various industries.

Day One Sparkling CBD Water Lemon

Day One Sparkling CBD Lemon is a refreshing new kind of flavored sparkling water that's all-natural and free from calories, carbs and added sweeteners. The zesty beverage features sparkling water that's infused with 20 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD and lemon fruit juice. 

MyJane's 'Time to Paws' Box

Technology company and wellness community MyJane is teaming up with CUDDLY to curate a custom box of CBD products for pets and pet parents. The Time to Paws gift box boosts a variety of CBD-infused sprays, drops and balms that are useful for inspiring relaxation and reducing stress during groomings or occasional anxious moments. For pets, there's a relaxing lavender bath bomb by Kush Queen, travel-friendly sprays in banana and bacon flavors and wipes. The gift box also includes a few treats for pet parents as well in the form of CBD drops and Relief CBD Capsules by Vital Leaf, a CBD lip balm and more.

CBD Infused Spirits by Top Beverages

The new drinks are distilled in small batches in Scotland and comprise a CBD Craft Gin and a CBD Craft Spiced Rum. Both drinks contain 10 mg of premium full spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive component of cannabis and are bottled in heavyweight Italian glass bottles. “In the spirits and CBD world everything more or less looks and feels the same, or companies are simply chasing fads. We embrace classic ideas of simplicity and minimalism and combine them with elegance and artistry, because we know through personal experience that consumers are willing to pay for originality and true craft quality.” Said Saf Ali, founder of Top Beverages.

NYX Cosmetics CBD Beauty Products

The Bare With Me Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Collection explores CBD-infused beauty products for prepping the brows, lips and skin.

Black Dahlia x YIELD CBD Collection Aromatherapy/Massage Candles

The candles are infused with Pure CBD and Revolutionary CGB which are non-psychoactive cannabinoids. The ingredients are reported to soothe anxiety and stress, comfort pain, reduce allergies and inflammations, and support clear skin. The candles are made from coconut, shea butter and beeswax blends that are sustainably sourced. Moreover, the candle holder is reusable as also doubles as "luxurious borosilicate glass" for both hot and cold beverages. 

Graces London's CBD Travel Set

Graces London recently launched a travel CBD set that's packed with miniature versions of its signature products, offering an effortless way for consumers to soothe dry skin or relieve stress. The CBD Travel set includes three best-selling products from Graces London, including the CBD Moisturising Roll On & Aromatherapy Tool, CBD Ingestible Drops and a CBD Body & Lip Balm. These multitasking products can be used for a variety of purposes to diminish anxiety, relieve pressure and even calm itchy bug bites. 

Ben & Jerry's CBD-Infused Ice Cream

According to a National Restaurant Association survey, many chefs recognize CBD and cannabs-infused food as extremely popular in 2019. Looking ahead to the future, Ben & Jerry's is exploring the possibility of sustainably sourcing its CBD from Vermont so that fans can enjoy even more fun flavors and ice cream innovations from the brand.

[Source: TrendHunter]

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