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Christmas Themed Packaging Designs

We gave shown you the classic Christmas advent calendars the last month, with Christmas just under three weeks away we are showing something different and our favourite picks of unique Christmas themed packaging designs.

Santa Workshop

This Santa workshop was created by Marks & Spencer, the packaging is a gingerbread house/ Santa workshop with red walls and candy cane poles that “holds” up the snow-white roof that has a bright orange sign with Santa workshop printed in white and lights hanging up. The side walls show elves putting the Christmas lights.

Designed by Marks & Spencer

Gail Artisan Bakery

Gail’s Artisan Bakery wrapped their festive foods with Christmas themed packaging. Their bags are classic red and white Christmas colours and keeping it simple whilst still maintaining the similar brand image.

Designed by Gail Artisan Bakery


Starbucks have wrapped their coffee blends with a Christmas makeover. With the classic red and white colours of Christmas, the packaging has the Starbucks cup including 12 sachets for the customer to have their perfect blend at home.

Designed by Starbucks

Norsk Ol

Norsk Ol is an alcoholic beverage with a unique folklore inspired design. Graduate Ryanna Christianson was inspired by Norwegian traditions of Nisse which is meant to represent good luck. The emall creature is printed on the bottle, the upper half of the glass bottle is red with the Nisse’s face and beard on the bottom half. The Norsk Ol Branding is printed on the bottom in white.

Designed by Ryanna Christianson

[Source: Packaging Of The World]

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