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Christmas Themed Packaging Designs Part 2

Christmas is just under two weeks away, red, green, and many Christmas colours will fill homes as lights spark the streets. The festivities of family gathering with fun and unique Christmas foods. We will show you our favourite Christmas themed packaging designs in this part 2 blog.

Mince Pies

These delicious mince pies are packaged in traditional Christmas colours. Morrisons design was inspired by many Christmas markets which highlighted their celebration of their heritage. The packaging has a green border with gold snowflakes followed by another border with gold circles resembling lights. The middle is a deep red background with white italic and bold text of the mince pies products.  

Designed by Morrisons

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason have created a wonderful Christmas range, each product and packaging is unique, yet they complement each other. The biscuit tin packaging is a gorgeous ruby red in a cylinder container with a foil effect finish. The centre has a autumn theme of green keeves, blueberries resembling a Christmas wreath with the logo and product name in gold text. This also ranges in gold and blue with the same mint green lids.

Designed by Design Bridge


Cadbury have created very festive Christmas range for their chocolates. Their signature knitted design remains on the packaging with different tones of purple in the background. The advent calendar has the Cadbury logo in yellow gold italic font and Dairy Milk in bold white text with Santa printed on the right corner and wrapped presents. There are cut out doors that reveal the chocolate goodies. In this range are many other different packaging with the same purple tones.

Designed by Design Bridge


Hair brand Tigi has created a very clever and simple design for their packaging. Each bottle packaging correlates with the colour of their bottle packaging. Whether it is a metallic magenta or vibrant yellow. The packaging has a simple black background with white snowflakes and a yellow or pink or blue snowflake within the white matching the bottle. The logo for Bed Head is in black bold text printed in the centre.

Designed by Casa Rex 

Source: Packaging of the World

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