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Horror and Ghoul Packaging

We are still going strong with Halloween themed packaging. Halloween is just under a week and we can’t wait to show you our picks for Halloween themed packaging featuring horror characters and ghouls.

Alchimia De Los Andes

Zarate – Insa, a brand and packaging design studio designed the red blend wine to resemble a vintage horror movie theme with the colour scheme of red, green and white. The illustrations is a grey figure in a green hood/gown with Alchimia De Los Andes replacing the face. The label wrapped around a tall dark glass bottle.

Designed by Zarate - Insa

Game of Stranger

Stranger and Stranger created a board game that stands out from other generic board games, from packaging to the smallest details of game to the design of the packaging.  With no rules to the game, you can get creative and think of your own story. The rectangular box is dark blue with the “Game of Stranger is the letter s and snake shape. The text is printed in metallic gold. There is another box inside, when opened there is a box that hold the dices, eyeballs resembling players, boardgame and other contents to the game.

Designed by Stranger and Stranger

Twenty Pounder

Hunter Guns Creative sure did get creative with this impressive twenty pounder bottle. The design on the bottle seems to tell a story as the label wraps around the orange/amber bottle, there is a white skeleton with glowing red eyes that eases you in staring intensely wearing a black pirate had with the Driftwood Brewery logo. The General (skeleton) s wearing a detailed gold foil jacket with a horizontal braiding from the bones. Hired Guns Creative went with blue shadows and red highlights which represent the traditional colours of war and artillery. Behind the skeleton is fiery leaping horse which is running from a cannon on the other side.

Designed by Hired Guns Creative

Mal Wine

Alfredo Merlo produced aa unique Malbec wine. Housed in a tall dark glass bottle, the labels have different illustrations, each label has white, grey and black matte backgrounds with black and white drawings of a dragon, wooden box and insect on a branch. The wine names “biutiful”, “imposible” and “bestial” are in small black typewriter text. The designs are simplistic and represent elegance and purity of beauty.

Designed by Gerardo Gomez


Witchcraft Gin

The is a very unique packaging for this witchcraft gin. The bottle features beautiful typography and illustrations of a witch in a wicken outfit and stockings bringing out the occult and supernatural theme. The text is in copper/bronze colour laid on a clear glass bottle. The outer sleeve is a matt black tall cauldron for the bottle to fit in with a bronze handle and metallic bronze witchcraft logo. The packaging surely brings out the supernatural and occult vibes perfect for Halloween.

Designed by Johnny Kotze

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