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Rook Perfumes

Rook perfumes was launched in 2018 by perfumer Nadeem Crowe. When Nadeem would go on holidays, he would buy fragrances as souvenirs, as the scents sparked his memories from the places he visited once back home. This inspired him to create scents that would give his customers a similar experience he had. “I’ve always been obsessed with scent. Scent moves me emotionally more than any other sense. People go on holiday and fall in love with a place, they buy a fridge magnet to remember the trip. I buy a fragrance.” [Rook Perfumes]

Rook’s intent on the perfume design was to be simple yet develop on the original branding. They wanted to replicate the packaging and using as few materials as possible. Along with them being recyclable yet maintaining high quality. The triangular logo gives the branding a unique image which is shown on the packaging. Rook’s triangle logo represents the “the top, middle and base notes which make up a scent” [Rook Perfumes]. Which gives life to the slogan “Perfumery, Medicine and Perfuming” [Rook Perfumes].

The Rook perfume packaging has an uncoated pre-dyed black card with black foil for the cartons, and a standard matt coated white card, one colour print, and biodegradable lamination on the sleeves. The design on the glass bottles was screen printed on the front and sides, finishing with matt black caps and atomizers.

We are so excited to have worked with Rook perfumes on this gorgeous and unique design and packaging.

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