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Spooky Packaging Perfect for Halloween

Halloween is just under two weeks away. From ghouls, mythical creatures and zombies, we have picked some of our favourite spooky Halloween packaging to share with you all.

Baba Yaga

Arbutus Distillery’s have launched their new product Baba Yaga absinthe, which has a unique and packaging design with various green colours displayed in the bottle. The sleeve of the bottle’s design has tree roots sprouting out from the bottom and form chicken feet trees which has four skulls hidden in the negative shapes. The logo Baba Yaga is displayed with white bold text and toothy grin between each text. With the sleeve off the main bottle has room a wicked toothy grin that uses two foils and embossed details on the teeth.

Designed by Hired Guns Creative

Curious Incident Wine

Perspective Branding designed Curious Incident Wine. The dark glass bottle has a white label with a drawing of black and white illustrations of crows tied to a person as if being controlled. There is a cage on the bottom with a crow just at the edge of the open door.  The second wine is cream coloured glass bottle, with similar features on the label but with a black and white drawing of a figure sitting on a chair in a tux.

Designed by Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits Agency: Perspective Branding

Tokyomilk Dark

Margot Elena created a collection of fragrances for her Tokyomilk line named Tokyomilk Dark. Each fragrance is a dark glass bottle and has the same design of white logo of Tokyomilk Dark different white prints of insects, gun, feather, key, octopus., each image represents the names of the fragrances “Arsenic”, “Bittersweet,” “Bulletproof”, “Crushed” “Tainted Love”, “Everything & Nothing”, “Excess”, “La Vie La Mort”.

Designed by Tokyomilk

Concept: Vargold Norse Vodka

The Vargold Norse Vodka has four bottles with different designs all connecting to a colour scheme with the label placed at the bottom of the bottle. One of the Vodka’s is in a dark glass black bottle with the design of a warrior fighting a dragon (a mythical creature) and a yellow sun silhouetting behind the dark shades of the image and the label/logo in a metallic gold text. Each design is thought to be unique and stand out with many of the bottles in white glass and similar drawings in black with a hint of orange.

Designed by I Love Dust

There's Something in the Cupcake Mix

Johnny Cupcakes have limited-edition shirts in a special package housed in a book. The theme of the product is ‘Midnight Tonight’. The box is following the colour scheme of the t-shirts, it is an orange/ red background with white bold cartoon style text of Midnight Delights and a skeleton holding its head in between the text. The design fronts a comic style theme with the colours and text, the top of the box has a light blue strip. In the box there are pages to keep the book theme authentic and there are different t-shirts in each box.

Designed by Johnny Cupcakes


Zombis’ box for their ice lollies have different characters, a zombie, a skeleton and other creature, each box has these creatures drawn in looking up at their heads with stitches with the ice lolly contents dripping on them as if it were their “brains”. The logo on each box is at the top in a bold text in colours of green, pink and blue.

Designed by Brandenburg

[Source: The Dieline]

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