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Eco Sneakers and Shoe Packaging Design


Clever Little Bag

Boxes contribute to millions of tons of waste a year; and even with proposed second uses, they are eventually thrown out. The Clever Little Bag is a sustainable replacement for the traditional shoebox, using 65% less cardboard. This bag and box system has no printing or tissue, easily assembles, takes up less space, weighs less in shipping, replaces the plastic retail bag and is completely recyclable. It will reduce water, energy and diesel use on the manufacturing level alone by over 60% per year. The second use bag opportunities are also a fundamental part of this design, furthering the system’s environmental reach and brand extension. In partnering with PUMA, fuseproject has created a packaging system that greatly reduces PUMA’s environmental footprint and builds on their initiatives toward a cleaner, greener and safer practices. To achieve a significant impact in the retail industry, it was needed to create an easily adaptable system that would seamlessly integrate into an established infrastructure. Therefore, the design maintains important shoebox qualities like a stackable structure and protection for the shoes inside. Puma Products


The Planet Saving Viupax

Viupax™ is footwear packaging that changes the way shoes are packed, shipped, warehoused, stored, displayed and sold. This is a more sustainable shoe packaging compared to traditional shoe boxes, as it uses less paper and occupies less volume. After two years of designing, researching and testing, Andreas Kioroglou, founder of design studio Matadog Design have developed the most sustainable shoe packaging solution, Viupax™ and it is protected by International Patents. Viupax™ is designed to be more sustainable and cost-effective compared to traditional shoe boxes by using 20-57% less cardboard and 20-50% less volume. The packaging system is designed to be cost-efficient in matters of production and transportation, and above all, it’s designed to improve productivity and user experience. The design of the boxes makes the shoes stand out because the shoe design is visible to customers, and it allows customers to self-serve, see model availability and easily select the pair of their choice. On the other hand, sales personnel, can easily carry up to 8 boxes and walk freely around their stores. Viupax Products


The Cyclocross

The Cross Shoe is a cyclocross-specific shoe launched through a collaboration between Giro and Ralpha. This shoe is developed for the rigours of racing and features a clean and classy aesthetic. However, what really stands out about this shoe is actually the packaging it comes in. The shoes are packaged in a specially formed shell envisioned by ECO Products. This container is shaped like a styrofoam lunch box -- and that's because it's actually designed to be able to hold food and beverages once you're done using it to store your shoes. To be specific, these containers are targeted towards beer and fries, staple eating for any real cyclocross fan. The packaging also includes an oversized wet bag for pre-race storage. Built for a stand-out appearance, convenience and sustainability, the Cross Shoe packaging has it all. Rapha and Giro



Pikkpack Shoes by You is a pair of flat-packed footwear that revolutionizes how people think of such a piece of fashion. Although unveiled a couple of years ago, the packaging for the shoe has since been released. Taking on the form of a pouch, it shows just how practical and portable this design truly is. Since Pikkpack Shoes by You is also comprised of separate parts that have to be assembled, the pouch is decorated with an illustrated list of pieces as well as what it takes to assemble it. The canvas shoe bag is also great even after the footwear is made. Yet the designers concentrate on distribution, stating, "This economical, flat packaging makes the distribution of the product more environmentally friendly. A pair of Pikkpack is small and flat enough to fit in an envelope, there is no need for shoe stuffing or paper boxes, which itself revolutionises the logistics of footwear storage and transportation." Pikkpack Products


Pure Project

Some people manage to find uses for shoe boxes, but few brands give consumers as much reason to keep them as the PureProject packaging offers. The specialized line of Brooks running shoes were designed with extra care and thus, its dramatic presentation is necessary. With the help of DJL Studio's Dave Laubenthal, the Great Society and CO Design worked together to create tear-shaped bamboo tubes. Jake Hollomon contributed the dynamic laser-etched illustrations in the lids. The overall product is a fetching foursome of smooth wooden cylinders. One pair of shoes fits snugly into each tube, topped with animated instructions of how one can go about reusing the beautiful box. PureProject packaging transcends the disposable nature of consumerism and provides a splendid way to make use of every last bit of your purchase. Pureproject Products


Hwang Sang

Korean design student, Hwang Sang-Pil has come up with a great sustainably minded shoe box concept. Featuring a handle (no need for a plastic bags), a glue-less construction (the less chemicals the better) and thick recycled card, Hwang has really come up with an innovative concept that also doubles as a shoe display/storage box. Hwang Sang-Pil 



Made of 100% compostable egg carton-like material, this environmentally friendly packaging fits the shoes you don’t need additional (often bleached) paper to pack the shoes nice and tight. For more about this eco shoebox via Newton Running and TDA Design. 



"The mission of this project is to create a sustainable line for a shoe packaging under a specific fashion brand of our choice. In order to reflect the concept of 'being green,' all the materials used for this project must be environmentally friendly." The material used for the tube is made of recyclable cardboard, as well as for the inner cardboard piece. The letter is directly printed on the inner cardboard instead of printing on a sheet of paper in order to eliminate wastes. Designed by Jiajie (Roger) Wang.


Calle Street

"Calle street soccer shoes are the first of their kind: laceless. I pushed to reflect this in the package design by making an unconventional but highly memorable experience, from the opening of the package to keeping some of its elements for later use, such as its monstrous illustrated flag. Sleek. Vivid. Powerful." Designed by Jesse Lindhorst


Nike Gs

Andy Caine and his design team were faced with the challenge to develop a new soccer boot for Nike which included only the elements essential to high speed and performance control while also produced in a more environmentally conscientious manner. from these creative criteria, the stripped-down Nike gs was developed, weighing in at 160 grams (for a size 9) and built from 70% recycled materials overall. Caine reflected on his new boot, noting, it is ‘the lightest and fastest football boot we’ve ever made and really defines a new era in how we create, design and produce elite football boots. when you can deliver a boot that combines high-end performance and a low environmental footprint that’s a winning proposition for players and planet.‘ The venus flytrap-like mechanism snaps together via strong magnets. All boxes for distribution are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. Source: Design Boom

[Source: Waste-Reduction Shoe Boxes]

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