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Perfume Packaging Designs

Perfume consists of a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds used to give the human body a pleasant scent. It has been used since some of the earliest human civilizations for both men and women. Nowadays it has become essential in daily life routine for most people.

When selecting a signature fragrance different features are considered regarding the smell such as: 

- Personal olfactory taste whether is floral, fresh, woody, spicy, etc. 

-The fragrance body chemistry since it could be influenced by hormones and skin type. 

- If it suits the personality and allows to reflect individuality. 

- If it gives memory connections. 

Even though the smell is the main feature considered, also packaging and physical appearance play a big role in catching the attention in order to select a perfume. Find below our selection of top perfume package designs:


Marc Jacobs Mod Noir

This packaging design features graphic black and white stripes which coincides with 60s fashion. The lacquered surface of the bottle makes the contrast with opaque glass that reveals the fluid. The stopper is large and round. Product by Marc Jacobs.


Helvetica The Perfume

Inspired by the Swiss typeface, this perfume was a concept created to catch the attention of those familiar with the widely known typeface. Product by Helvetica The Perfume.


Vilhelm Parfumerie

The packaging design used for this fragrance is a goldenrod yellow with a plain white label. At first glance, black lines are used to create an eye-catching design, but after positioning the box on its side will reveal the name of the fragrance spelt out in a repeated pattern. Each scent has a unique graphical identity that communicates the distinct personalities of the fragrances. The images used are considered as an artful interpretation of each scent. Product by Vilhelm Parfumerie.



Within this packaging collective, every scent corresponds to a number and every number has its own distinct image created by a different artist. "We commissioned graphic designers in Greece and abroad to imagine and design the different packages making this the first 'collective packaging design project'. If "scent counts" (as the brand tag line claims), we aimed for "power in numbers" as well. This sense of something unique but also available to all, guided our choice of a book-like case for each of the aromas." - Aromatologic.


Boudicca Wode Eau De Parfum  

For Boudicca Wode Eau de Parfum and in partnership with Me Company, we designed packaging to capture this brand's aesthetics with a bold and innovative printing process for the deluxe outer carton. The result is an entirely foiled, micro-engraved and embossed box where tribal symbols are presented by the texture on the surface, creating an exquisitely-layered, hyper-modern take on luxury. The visual and tactile effect created by the complex combination of different printing techniques makes this packaging one of kind. Produced by Think Tank Creative.


Anthropologie Fictions    

This packaging bottles' features watercolour illustrations by Marcel George. Anthropologie blends art, packaging and storytelling to create products of emotional connectivity. The bottles’ labels are romantic trompe l’oeil mementoes of their respective love affairs—a metro billet, a tea tag, a movie ticket stub. Product by Anthropologie.


Calvin Klein Reveal  

"The bottle is a blend of the strict, minimal, geometric proportions synonymous with Calvin Klein and femininity expressed through curves that feel pillow-like and sensual. The cap is a high polished finished in soft gold which combines nicely with the warmth of the juice colour and cool of the glass." - Established. Product by Calvin Klein.


MCMC Fragrances

These French glass atomizer bottles feature colourful floral designs with an Italian ashwood cap. Product by MCMC Fragrance.


Diesel fuel for life  

This perfume packaging is desirable and eye-catching. The perfume itself features a side zip and fabric-wrapped body. Product by Diesel.


Escentric Molecules travel cases

We put into production these long-anticipated travel cases - a 30ml size bottle, encased in sleek, protective aluminium travel cases in various colours to compliment each individual fragrance just in time for their Christmas launch at Liberty London. Just don't forget to carry a stick to ward off the hordes of admirers! Produced by Think Tank Creative.

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