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Uses of "Grey" in Packaging Designs


Handmade Gift for Google’s Warsaw Campus

This design uses a minimalistic and geometric approach for this limited edition vodka. "Silkscreen printed graphics added the pleasant embossment which is sensitive to your fingertips. Manually applying the sealing wax was a bit painful but it was just a small inconvenience in the whole process. To add some extra architectural detail, we have decided to wrap the bottlenecks with a silkscreen covered calque, commonly used in architecture studios."

Designed by: Redkroft


Johan & Nyström Special Coffee Anniversary Box

To celebrate Johan & Nyström 10th anniversary coffee they created specialised boxes with unique coloured adhesive sealing."Visible on each seal is the handwriting depiction with the place of origin and the farm from which the cherries have been carefully selected. Outside the box is to read the names of all people that have ever worked at Johan & Nyström since the beginning ten years ago, and therefore contributed to all the knowledge and coffee expertise. The text also includes the brand's history and philosophy.

Designed by: Garbergs Project


Redefining Paperless Post

Paperless Post requested a packaging design to encapsulate their first self-mailing package collection stationary equipment. High Tide has transfused this command into a light and minimalistic aesthetic to appeal to their modern recipients.

Designed by High Tide



The boxes for the skincare products are intentionally created with grayscale images that resemble soap mixing with water in different ways. The chosen "Pastel colours give Barbon a warm and welcoming feel, implying that it’s an excellent way for a man to indulge and pamper himself."

Designed By: Peltan-Brosz Roland


Koronaki Integrated Oil Packaging 

My goal when I took over the project was to be able to design something different for a product so classic and yet so unique. Inspired by the earth, sky, stone, wood and water, the basic elements that make these products so unique, I created a minimalistic identity and a special packaging” - Thomas Kiourtsis

Designed by Thomas Kiourtsis

[Source: Dieline]

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