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Winter Themed Packaging Designs

Winter arises in a few days as the autumn days leave us. Nights have come early, and the cold is peaking in slowly. We can’t wait for snowy nights and new packaging releasing for the winter. Here are our current favourite winter themed packaging

Ochakovskiy Winter

The Ochakovskiy winter beer is limited edition, the designers chose a classic winter season symbol which is the snowman for the packaging of the product. The carrot nose is largely printed in bright orange on silver background with white snowflakes and smaller snowmen under the brand’s logo. Which is printed in red on the top half and a bold brown on the bottom half.

Designed by DDVB

Muse Chocolate Concept

Muse Chocolate Concept came up with a very intricate design for their chocolate product packaging. The packaging has the traditional white, red and gold for a Christmas and winter season. The lid is white with simple gold and red snowflakes and the bottom half of the packaging is red. The unique element to the packaging is the Christmas themed Pop ups. The materials of the packaging are a mix of paper, plexi, gold leaf, vinyl.

Designed by Moklache Design

Royal Salute

Royal Salute parented with Boundless Brand Design to create this elegant whiskey packaging design. The packaging of the box has a snowy white mountain print and different shades of blue that represents the skies and grounds surrounding the mountain. There are two small figures on the bottom in red and blue playing polo. The company’s logo in printed in black bold text on a large white diamond which has a white border. The text 21 year old is printed in red. The door of the box reveals the inner door with similar colour contrasts and the helmets of the players. Inside the box is an elegant simplistic white ceramic whiskey bottle with silver text prints of the product and logo name with the players that are embossed on the bottle.

Designed by Boundless Brand Design

Original Frozen Custard

The original frozen custard packaging is colourful and vibrant, they have used the idea of creating different ice cream cones from plastic, this gives a very realistic look. The packaging does not stop there, from ice cream tubs, burger boxes, milk cartons and Tupperware, the labels are colourful from pastel pinks, purples and blues with the logo printed n the same italic texts butt different colours to match the packaging.  

Designed by Julian Pridemore

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