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Top 4 Easter Themed Packaging

We may be at home, but that does not stop us from appreciating the beautiful designs created for Easter by many brands. We will show you our top 4 Easter themed packaging designs.

Anthony Berg

Anthony berg went with a simplistic and minimal design for their Easter chocolates, a chrome finish on their magenta pink and metallic gold foil wrapping with black italic font print in the centre. Pink is Anthony Berg’s signature colour and, but still stayed true to the traditional Easter colours of yellow and pink on two of their box packaging. The rectangular packaging is coated with magenta chrome pink and yellow on the bottom with a transparent window showcasing the chocolate product. The second packaging is a square box with similar colours as the rectangular box but with a small hint of pastel pink and a egg shape transparent window.

Designed by IDna Group


Cadbury created their Easter packaging with their signature purple with hints of the traditional yellow Easter colour. These yellow and purple colours follow throughout each other their packaging, from their boxes made from paper materials and mini eggs packet. They have also created small yellow and purple foil warps for their smaller chocolate product. Each packaging has the signature italics white font.

Designed by Design Bridge

David Tea

David Tea created teas available in three flavours S'mores Chai, Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait and Chocolate Macaroon. The packaging for each flavour compliments the pastel colours of Easter, each tin packaging is pastel pink, purple and blue in the shape of an egg. “The pink, white and turquoise Mini Easter Egg tea tins boast David's Tea's loose leaf blends inside and feature an ornament-like string with an info card on the natural ingredients inside each blend along with flavor notes, wellness benefits and more” [Trend Hunter]

Designed by David Teas


Prestat created a prosecco Easter egg for its adult consumers, the packaging has elements of gold centred around the pastel pink and darker pink. The packaging is elegant and simple suiting the prosecco and dark chocolate recipe. The egg is wrapped in a square box filled with baby pink tissue to protect the product. The outer packaging is abstract design of pinks and gold. The text is printed in gold and placed in the middle with a small champagne bottle illustration placed underneath.

 Designed by Prestat

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