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Top Five Beauty Packaging Designs

The beauty industry is growing everyday with new innovations from different brands. We have a look at the different styles in beauty packaging, from simple to a drastic design.

Mighty Green

Mighty green has launched a CBD infused shampoo bar, the dark forest green and light green colours and design on the packaging were designed by Lyon & Lyon. The CBD brand makes snacks, bath soaks and now CBD infused shampoo. Mighty Green can be recognised by its unique packaging and friendly mascot.

Designed by Lyon & Lyon

Honoura Skincare

Honoura skincare have launched a new beauty water, their glass bottles have a more simplistic look representing the pure ingredients in their product. The logo is printed onto the bottle, the brand’s name is in black bold capitalised text with a thin lined heart to the bottle give an eye-catching look. The brown packaging for the bottle protects the product with its thin rectangular shape. The brand’s name is printed in a white curved text different to the bottle.

Designed by Honoura Skincare


The packaging for this line was design by the firm Pentagram skews minimal. The packaging for the tubes range in different colours from light, pastel-pink and lilac which is named ‘Cresyl’. Each bottle has small particles to add a layer of texture. The boxes have a minimalist with white and black as its main colours and the logo in large bold font, similar to the bottle packaging, there are small black beads to give it texture.

Designed by Pentagram skews minimal


Freeman Beauty Infusion#

Freeman Beauty Infusion is a new facial mask line by the brand Freeman Beauty who range in many skincare products. The packaging for each product includes Laminate tube, flip-top caps, jar with screw lid, sachets, foil packets with a colourful eye-catching design. The colours on the packaging range from blue, orange and pink.” The packaging follows suit as it visually combines the natural and scientific aspects of the product to communicate efficacy and good-for-you ingredients. The masks come in a variety of forms; full-size tubes/jars and travel-size sachets.”

Source: Packaging of the world

Designed by Freeman Beauty

Cha Vøhtz

Cha Vøhtz is a new skincare brand founded by Charlotte Vøhtz. They have rebranded their packaging, with the similar signature black and white colours but with a new leaf transparent print. The text and formats of the packaging have enhanced to give a modern and simplistic look. The old packaging had a black and white logo that seemed to fit the aesthetic of medicine products more than skincare and beauty. The new logo has the letters C and V (Cha Vøhtz) in a bold large black text which stands out more.

Designed by Cha Vøhtz

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