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Beauty Advent Calendars

Last week we showed you luxurious advent calendars and today we present you our favourite picks of beauty advent calendars. With under a month left until Christmas, these advent calendars could give you an idea for a gift.


Elle have released their Christmas beauty advent calendar. The packaging is a forest green with italic gold text of New York and fairy tale printed above the gold strip with Elle’s logo matching the forest green packaging. It splits open to reveal small box compartments of all the beauty goodies.


The No7 beauty calendar is beautifully designed with blue diamond essence on the front cover of the packaging with the no7 logo printed in rode gold text. There is a blue tab on the side that splits the calendar into two to reveal twenty-five goodies hidden in different compartment sizes in gold or blue diamond prints.

Look Fantastic

The Look fantastic calendar is a beautiful dusty blue with metallic gold diamond prints and a blue diamond button with gold outline. The diamond pulls to open the split front doors that reveals small blue drawers with metallic gold numbers on the front, which contain different beauty products.


Clinique have released a beautiful pink/magenta beauty calendar. They were very convenient in their packaging, as most calendars are split doors, this does not. The products are displayed in their boxes as the front cover. The boxes are in random numbers (dates) but are coordinated to create the sequin design with Clinique’s logo in the middle in bold white text.

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